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16th June 2022, 20:30

Park Tabor


a poem for a park Tabor

Globus Hystericus (SI)

If you visit the park, when the day turns into night, you may come across some mysterious forms. At dusk, these visitors fill the space with their memories and hopes. If you stay until dark, you may witness the intertwining of their lives and immerse yourself in their dreams.

Busker’s Dream is a site-specific, theatrical intervention for a park. Parks mean different things to different people. For some, it means a shortcut home. For others, a pleasant place to meet friends. Lovers whisper sweet promises in parks. And the elderly gather on benches and share their troubles. Parks see all this, and more….

The play "Busker’s Dream: A Poem for a Park" is a street variety show with larval masks. These simple masks—black-and-white, large shapes—bring a unique dreamscape to the park, which combines with a romantic view of street art to create a spectacle. The show is a tribute to street artists, street theater and the life of the public spaces that mean so much to us.

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Directed by Justin Durel and Alenka Marinič

Masks: Justin Durel

Costume design and scenography: Katarina Zalar

Performers: Anja Bezlova, Luka Piletič, Andrej Tomše, Manca Uršič, Alenka Marinič/JustinDurel

Production: Globus Hystericus

Co-production: KDPM and Zavod Bufeto

The project was supported by the City of Ljubljana, Department of Culture

International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

Busker's Dream

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