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The 15th, jubilee edition of Klovnbuf festival brings another lively and interesting mix of new circus' different expressive languages, rarely seen in Slovenia. This year, our focus is on female authors. So you will again have a chance to see the greatest small-scale magical shows where the individual performer, the female performer sits center-stage.


The festival’s central idea is still the search for fluid performative practices. In 2022, these practices touch on our wider social context and the place of the female author within it. Constant overcoming of obstacles, struggle to be seen and offered a place in the society, living as nomads in constant migration and despite it all – hope, yearning, acting and doing, living and the Freedom of it. The weight of this lightness associated with Freedom. The Weight of the Sky. This year’s emphasis introduces a new sensibility in the frame of the festival’s programme.  With this sensibility comes a changed balance of powers, specific approaches, skills and abilities as well as a new form of female performative empathy.


Circus, theatre, attractions, acts of candour, expert technical execution, masterful control of body and skills, workshops, public discussions, socials, our city, our life … all of this, once again, is Klovnbuf.


15th Klovnbuf

International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus


Producer: Zavod Bufeto

Festival director: Ravil Sultanov

Artistic director: Natalia Sultanova

Programme coordinator & production: Nika Gabrovšek

Programme consultant & moderator: Andreja Kopač

PR & marketing: Katarina Bogataj

Illustration & graphic design: Mojca Gorjan

Promo video editing: Peter Bizjak

Festival photographer: Sunčan Stone

Proofreader for Slovene: Mateja Dermelj


Bunker - Stara mestna elektrarna, Plesni Teater Ljubljana, Španski borci, ŠD Tabor, Cirkus Fuskabo, Cirkokrog, Radio Študent, Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, Pionirski dom, Hostel Celica

Financial support:

City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture, Ministry of Culture RS, Teatroskop, HKETO Berlin, Junij v Ljubljani, Turizem Ljubljana

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