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Klovnbuf – International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

16th Edition

Will there be clowns?


The clown has not gone anywhere, he merely pitched up their tent and observed the world from afar. The world in which there seemed to be no place left for them. But then in a crucial moment, they decided to embark on a journey once again, to check and discover everything first-hand. What does it mean to be a clown today? What are they? Funny characters, actors, stand-up comedians, intimate interpreters of the human state, perhaps purveyors of critical thought? Clowns never felt the need to break any walls – neither the fourth nor the first – because they have always preferred to be among the people. Therefore, the real question is: what are all the things the clowns are able to represent? Their importance is undeniable, although few are prepared to acknowledge it.

The clown in their endless passion for smashing one mirror and shoving another into the face of humanity, perceives the world through curious eyes. Their gaze has the effect of a butterfly’s wing. Clowns all over the world can hear the emerging message: humanity is not lost yet.

Clown is another word for soul.


This year’s edition of the festival is focused on the world of the clown, but leaves plenty of space for new forms of new circus and fringe genres. Klovnbuf Theatre, Klovnbuf City, Klovnbuf Lab and Klovnbuf Caravan once more bring a rich variety of shows, lectures, workshops and other experiences, performed by artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and New Zealand. The programme is boosted by Circo-vision, a visiting circus tent, which is a project made in collaboration with Bufeto Institute, Mismo Nismo collective, Ana Monro Theatre and Cirkokrog association.


There will be clowns!


Welcome, one and all.

16th Klovnbuf

International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

Producer: Bufeto – Zavod za razvoj cirkuško-gledaliških umetnosti

Festival director: Ravil Sultanov

Programme director: Natalia Sultanova

Producer and adviser: Nika Gabrovšek

Programme colleague and talk host: Andreja Kopač

PR & Coordination: Katarina Bogataj, Kaja Marion Ribnikar

Technical director: Simon Bezek

Visual Design: Mojca Gorjan

Promotional video material: Peter Bizjak

Proofreading: Anja Muhvič

Translation into English: Jure Škerl


Partners and friends:

Ljubljana City Department of Culture, Ministry of Culture, Teatroskop, Junij v Ljubljani, Turizem Ljubljana, Zavod Bunker  - Stara mestna elektrarna, Španski borci, Plesni teater Ljubljana, Cirkus Fuskabo, Cirkokrog, Mismo Nismo, Gledališče Ane Monro, CirkoБalkana, Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, Pionirski dom, Hostel Celica

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