International Festival of New Circus

and Contemporary Clown

3rd - 9th August 2020

In its 13th edition, Klovnbuf Festival is set to deliver a vivid and highly visual mix of different languages of contemporary circus, an artform rarely seen in Slovenia. This year, deep into the summer, we are putting special focus on the art of juggling, showcasing a wide variety of some of most exciting local and international artists, presenting works-in-progress of young Slovenian creators, as well as public screenings of established international companies who could not travel to Slovenia due to the epidemic. Artistic residencies and masterclasses are also an important part of the festival. Apart from the top-notch mastery of contemporary circus, Klovnbuf brings what audiences have loved for centuries – the magic of shapes, the illusion that nurtures thought, a world so unique that it brings out the child within us who then asks for more. Come and give it a shot! The circus is stronger than the virus.


International Festival of New Circus & Contemporary Clown



Producer: Zavod Bufeto

Festival director: Ravil Sultanov

Artistic director: Natalia Sultanova

Program co-curator & coordinator: Hristina Vasić Tomše

Texts & translations: Andreja Kopač, Andrej Tomše

PR & marketing: Urška Comino

Organisation: Barbara Zonta

Technical director: Igor Remeta

Illustration & graphic design: Nikola Đurđević

Web design: Hristina Vasić Tomše

Promo video editing: Peter Bizjak


Bunker - Stara mestna elektrarna, Kampanja Mi smo #odprti za kulturo, EX-teater, Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, Pionirski dom, Skala - Mladinska ulična vzgoja, Teatro Matita, MCLU

Financial support:

Mestna občina Ljubljana, Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Turizem Ljubljana

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