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June 14 at 18.00 I Borovnica


Theatre, children 6+

Hungrygry is an experimental show for children portraying the world through the eyes of garbage.


Author and visual artist: Katarina Zalar
Actors: Anja Bezlova, Nika Gabrovšek, Jurij Torkar

Adviser for direction and dramaturgy: Justin Durel
Assistant for visual design and scenery: Petra Gosenca

June 14 at 18.30 I Borovnica

HappyHandstandFreak: And The Rest (Germany)

Solo acrobatic show for all generations

Playful solo acrobatic performance combines hand-stand artistry, hand-stand supports and physical theatre. From the unique and new research of many different height handstand supports with
surprises, combined with very high handstand technique, never-before-seen shapes and
images will be performed to explore how to deal with defeat and achieve more than you could
ever imagine.

Kira Rabenstein (part of HappyHandstandFreak duo) is a young circus artist from Germany specialised as a high-level hand balancer, flier of partner acrobatics and aerialist. She graduated from Circus Arts in Codarts Art School (Rotterdam, the Netherlands).

June 24 at 19.00 Murska Sobota I Soboški dnevi

Fraser Hooper: Funny Business (New Zealand)

Solo clown show

Guaranteed giggles galore from funnyman Fraser Hooper. This hilarious show features a stunt duck, a human fish, eccentric dancing, and the silliest boxing match you have ever seen. So get a ringside seat for a belly aching knockout performance.


Award winning clown Fraser Hooper has delighted audiences of all ages in over thirty countries with classic ingredients of hilarious audience involvement, ridiculous routines and a complete disregard for his own safety. He is active on the field of clowning for almost 40 years as an actor, director and teacher.

More about the  artist: HERE


June 25 at 19.00 Murska Sobota I Soboški dnevi

Zavod Bufeto: Equilibirium

Circus show, children 3+

The theatrical circus spectacle Equilibrium will give children an opportunity to learn the concept of balance and ways of maintaining it. An object in balance is said to be in a resting state, characterized by forces acting upon it cancelling each other out. Ever since mankind started walking upright, it has sought to balance itself on two feet. So, how do we do it? Equilibrium tells a scientific tale through the language of magic. Angles of incidence and reflection, centres of gravity, forces, points of pressure … all this and more is explained through vibrant movement, which strikes a perfect balance between Science and Art.

Together we will walk the tightrope of surprises and explore everything from balance in physics, to what it takes to achieve social balance. With a little help from the acrobats, you will even be able to experience the sensation of being in balance first-hand.



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