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Horror house project (HR):
Zodiac – The Circle of Little Animals

June 22 at 19:00

Ambrožev trg

Circus astro-visual-musical epic

Due to the limited number of seats at the show, please book your astral circus trip at:

When making a reservation, write the full name and surname of all persons you are booking tickets for and their zodiac signs.

This performance is hosted in collaboration with Mismo NIsmo and Cirkokrog.

The basic concept of the Horror House Project trilogy is based on terrifying phenomena that hang over the circus.

Zodiac – The circle of small animals is the last, third continuation of the Horror House Project and is set through the natal charts of the performers – dealing with the influence of the planets (the finger of fate) on the life of a group and an individual, in this case, a circus artist. Theory postulates that spectators actively participate in the performance with their horoscopes, causing changes in planetary energy with their presence. Each performance is slightly different, depending on the constellation of the planets on the day of the performance (especially in the case of retrograde Mercury), the composition of the audience and the predominance of a certain sign. The author intends to provide initial guidelines for the discovery of the secrets of the Zodiac through the performance of the performer. Inspiration for the performance, except in the text of Mile Dupor's " Astrological Hermetic Writings", is also hidden in the opening of the tarot cards from the book "La Via del Tarot", by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa.


Techniques: acrobatics and juggling

Idea: Nikola Mijatović


Artistic and performing team:

On stage: Petra Najman Perica, Jadranka Žinić Mijatović/ Eva Zibler, Nikola Mijatović Bangavi

Live music: Ivan Svaguša Svagi

Behind the lighting desk: Domagoj Šoić Kuga

Audio apparition: Petra Bokić Pejo

Audio recorder: Ratko Bokić Rale

Costumes: Jelena Đanko

Astrologer: Maja Tatković Diklić

Illustration and design: Marin Remić

Photo: Ivan Marenić and Josip Bolonić

Video: Josip Bolonić

Production: Cirkorama 2023.

Age recommendation: 8+


The show won the "Best Overall Show" award, as decided by the expert jury of the Nišville Jazz Theater Festival 2023 in Niš.


The Horror House Project trilogy was realized as part of the POGONATOR program, which is implemented by the Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth - Pogon.

The implementation of the project and reruns were financially supported by: the City of Zagreb - City Office for Culture and Civil Society, Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the Kultura nova Foundation.


Review of the play by Ana Tasić, a member of the expert jury of the Nišville Jazz Theater Festival:


"Three performers (Jadranka Žinić Mijatović, Petra Najman, Nikola Mijatović), skilled dancers, jugglers and acrobats, are uniformly dressed in brilliantly designed, cosmic, white, unusually styled, long costumes made of some kind of eco-leather. They perform in an equally white, symbolic circle, delicately lit... The extremely dexterous and focused performers are accompanied by the musician Ivan Svaguša, who plays hypnotic cosmic tones on an electric guitar, guides their acrobatic game with sound, which serves as a metaphorical reflection of life's struggles, of battles with obstacles, of personal stumbles and vacillations. The performers' body language is contextualized by the words emitted through the loudspeakers, which guide the interpretation of the plot and according to astrological influences, the mystical effect of the planets and the cosmos on our destinies."


Excerpt from the text "Journey to the Cosmos on the Wings of Musical Theatre" published in the Cultural Addition of Politics, August 12, 2023.

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