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Ana Lekše, Pozabljeni spomini @Foto Sunč

12th June 2021, 8.00 PM


Fuskabo / Skala circus hall



A movement performance


Ana Lekše

The work of the young artist Ana Lekše, entitled What Have I Found in the Attic (Kaj sem našla na podstrešju) is a sequel to the work in progress which she conceived in 2020. It is a display of the mastery of aerial rope which provokes magical effects and at the same time reflects the search for new patterns of movement “between earth and air”. In her performance, Ana plays with a stage prop – a chair – which is like an in-between on her journey, at times a fellow performer, at times a partner. In her performance, Ana decides to climb up to her attic, find the dusty memories, confront them, take them with her, and continue her journey.

Ana Lekše is a representative of the young generation of dancers, who – after getting a degree in Art History – went to study at the Academy of Contemporary Circus in Leuven, Belgium, focusing on aerial disciplines, which had been introduced to her back in Slovenia by her mentor Branko Potočan.  


Author & performer: Ana Lekše
Andreja Kopač
Music: Duo Silence, Katalena, Marko Brdnik, Uroš Rakovec
Production: Zavod Bufeto


More: Ana Lekše

International Festival of New Circus and Contemporary Clown

What have I found in the Attic

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