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Alberto José Lucena (ESP): To Be Show

June 18 at 22:00

Circovision, Circus tent on Ambrožev trg

Contemporary dance and non-verbal clowning

Free entrance; voluntary contributions are welcome.


Architecture without scenography, structure, action, let the theatre begin. 


It is not what we see, nor what we think we see. Essential is what remains, the echo. The raw act of a work in which there is nothing more than a body with desire, wanting to be everything. A moment is enough to pretend to be eternal, to plunge into the emptiness that invites, insisting on a failure that makes him speak with God.


Perhaps it is that, a conversation. Dealing with a desire to build a fiction, please another applaud, a show.

Concept, directed and performed by Alberto José Lucena

About the performer:

Alberto José Lucena completed a two-year contact improvisation programme at Espacio FCI in

Madrid, a three-year contemporary dance programme at Centro Andaluz de Danza in Seville and a

three-year urban dance programme at Dancescape! Lleida.

Alberto is a dancer exploring dance in a clown-like way. As a freelance artist, he collaborates on

various projects with many directors and choreographers in Spain and abroad, including Andalusian directors and choreographers Guillermo Weickert and María Cabeza de Vaca, the German art collective Producing Sybille on Drugland Theather, and the Slovenian company Kud Ljud. TO BE SHOW is his first solo stage work.

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