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June 21, 20.00

The Old Power Station


Tjaž Juvan

Things flying in all directions. Strange sounds and live electronic music. Experimental circus show, made for all audiences.

This one-man band/circus show/technician/producer interactive piece explores the deep connection between movement, music and circus techniques in a light-hearted manner.

The DIY props are all designed in such a way that they can either produce or reproduce sounds, which are then processed and sampled by a central computer. Therefore, movement becomes a way to compose music, which then again influences new movements and so on and on and on and on.

The audience has a chance to participate in music creation during the show. This contributes to demystifying electronic music production by making it causally interconnected with simple movements. In this way everyone can be a musician at least for a short while, no matter their background and prior experience.

Authors: Tjaž Juvan, Jurij Podgoršek
Set design: Eva Jakopič, Bojan Stefanović, Tjaž Juvan
Co-producer: Mismo Nismo

Photos: Strahinja Aćimović
Supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana’s Department for Culture and the Slovenian Ministry of Culture.

Tickets: 10 eur/ 7 eur


International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

Music table

  • Klovnbuf
  • Klovnbuf
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