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Rauxa (ES):
The Strambotik Cabaret

June 22, 19:00, Murska Sobota

Circus-puppet show for family audience

Duration: 30 min

Age Recommendation: 4+

Strambotik 1-17_RAUXA CIA.jpg

A contemporary street circus show is centered on object manipulation, clowning, and Rauxa Cia's distinct and extraordinary puppets, which are rooted in their own unique imagination. Strambotik is a type of disorganized and eccentric cabaret, at times chaotic, and at others, magical and poetic.

The two characters, or masters of ceremonies, invite us to embark on a fresh and dynamic experience where they will present a series of performances by virtuoso puppets, encompassing music, circus acts, dance, and the taming of paper animals.

This time the company is committed to an open-air show that makes use of the environment, a show that is in constant dialogue with nature, always listening to the untamed wind that will mark the tempo of this piece.


Original idea: Rauxa Cia

Direction, dramaturgy and performance: Xavi Sánchez and Analía Serenelli

Music: Jesús Acebedo

Xavi Sánchez and Analia Serenelli are circus artists specialising in object manipulation, acrobatics and dance. They met in 2015 at Cirque Plume, a French group pioneering contemporary circus. Since then, they have been exploring acrobatics, dance and the relationship between the body and objects together. 

In 2018, they founded the group "Rauxa" with the aim of creating their own universe in which they can express their tragicomic and at the same time poetic vision of life.


Xavi started his training at the Carampa Escuela de Circo (Spain) and continued his studies at the École de Cirque Theatre Cirqule de Geneve (Switzerland), CRAC Centro Regional des Arts du Cirque de Lomme (France) and at the Le Lido School in Toulouse (France). He has taught experimental acrobatics at Codarts (Netherlands), Escuela de Circo Rogelio Rivel and Escuela de Circo Carampa (Spain), Centro cultural Trivenchi, La Plata and La Fabrika (Argentina), among others.

Analia first competed in professional sports, achieving high results as a rhythmic gymnast. She soon began training in contemporary dance and circus, with a focus on acrobatics and aerial acrobatics. Among others, she was a member of Innovacirco and BigCircus (Argentina).

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