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Paolo Nani (DK): The Letter

June 19 at 20:00 

Ambrožev trg

Non-verbal cult clown show

A comedy classic and cult show from one of the world’s greatest clowns. Paolo Nani, alone on stage, performs the same story in 15 entirely different ways: Drunk, western style, horror, back to front, circus, surprised, vulgar, magical, etc. 

The quality of the performance is based on its extreme simplicity: No scenography, no special light, no special effect, no special costume but an actor’s tour de force, precision, timing and fantasy.

Stuffed with gags from start to finish, this ingenious performance has had audiences throughout the world in stitches, winning awards and critical acclaim in more than 40 countries.

Concept: Paolo Nani, Nullo Facchini

Direction: Nullo Facchini

Performance: Paolo Nani


Paolo Nani has a large number of audience hits behind him as both actor and director on the international theatre circuit – besides the now world-known classic The Letter, his award-winning collaboration with the Icelandic physical performer Kristján Ingimarsson, The Art of Dying, and the experimental puppet performance, The Shocking Puppet Show. Paolo Nani's talent lies in his bright way of melding the comical and the dramatic stage languages. His trademarks are extraordinary timing, an extremely precise and nuanced body language and not the least his passion, style and inviting presence.

His excellence is further demonstrated by his extensive touring history, with nearly 2500 performances across more than 40 countries.

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