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Zlata ptica (SI, RU):
The Dragon Who Wanted to Know Why 

June 17 10:15, Zvezda park

A medieval legend with troubadours, masks, puppets and Kamishibai

Recommended ages: 3+

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The two troubadours travel and play, as they say: for drinks, for food, but also to share the stories no-one ever heard of.


This time they will tell the legend of the Dragon Who Wanted to Know Why, who had too many questions, and not enough love. Together with the audience, they will embark on a journey that will require riddle-solving,  constraint, perseverance and even a bit of deception. If all goes well, the Dragon will bring us to the conclusion that the word »Why« should only ever be followed by: »Why is Life so Beautiful?«

Starring: Uršula Vratuša and Marija Filimonenko

Text: Uršula Vratuša
Scenography, costumes: Marija Filimonenko, Evgenija Erohina

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