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14th June 2021, 6.00 PM


Congress Square

String theory

A performance


Lyapunov - stability in motion (BE)

In its String Theory performance, the Lyapunov collective tells a story about how different strings (lines, ropes, vocal cords, and music strings) interact with each other within the spaces they are temporarily put together. Within space, their different wavelengths intertwine, connect, and collide with each other, thus forming a new unique composition in interaction with the audience. The artists narrate unique stories “on the rope” and from the rope, which seems like a half-forgotten world, rediscovering “the man on the rope” as a persistent and tireless seeker of balance.   

Lyapunov is a group of six artists complementing each other: a musician, a vertical line artist, a cloud swing artist, two highliners, and a rope walker.  

International Festival of New Circus and Contemporary Clown

What have I found in the Attic

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