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Poetically Uncorrect

22. 6. at 21.30 

Circovision, Circus tent on Ambrožev trg

A genre-defying event, coyly called a concert

This event is hosted in collaboration with Mismo Nismo and Cirkokrog

Free entrance; voluntary contributions are welcome.

Poetically Uncorrec-stena_2.jpg

Poetically Uncorrect was born out of the collaboration, friendship, love, and quarrelling of three artists:

Gergely Dózsa from Hungary, Maja Dekleva Lapajne from Slovenia, and Simeon Huzun from the world of nomadism. While their personalities are rooted in clowning, dance, and theatre, their transition into music results in a wonderfully fragile event, coyly called a concert.

Genre-wise, they move somewhere between self-reflexive punk, delicate intimate soundscapes, chaotic revelries, the search for beauty in fusion, passionate life chants with endless endings, shaky synth-jazz beats, and water-bottle playing. In short, Poetically Uncorrect is genre-incorrect.

Poetically Uncorrect: Gergely Dózsa, Maja Dekleva Lapajne, Simeon Huzun

Production: Association for Contemporary Clown Art

Supported by: Polona Janežič, Jambor, Klub Metulj, Kavč festival, Klovnbuf

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  • Klovnbuf
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