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8th August 2020, 10.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Zavod Salesianum OE SKALA



Stefan Sing & Cristiana Casadio

Weekend workshop of basic principles of interaction between artistic juggling and contemporary dance.

This workshop will explore the intrinsic connection between throwing objects and body movement, combining the Organic Juggling techniques of Stefan Sing with the choreographic and rhythmic qualities of contemporary dance, taught by Cristiana Casadio. Starting the day with training sections in contemporary dance and juggling technique, students will develop a movement repertoire both with and without objects. Later in the day these practices will come together into solo and partnering work focused on developing each student’s natural expressive understanding and how this can enhance the presence of others on stage.

Stefan Sing, a master of contemporary juggling, has been developing his unique style since 1985. Cristiana Casadio, former Italian champion of rhythmic gymnastic, has worked as a dancer for several companies and projects in Europe. Since 2010 they work together and have co-created pieces on the cutting edge of new circus, dance, and physical theatre. Their show Tangram is touring worldwide and got awarded with several prices.


Duration: 7 hours

Fee: 60€

Fee for students and freelance artists: 40€



Co-organised by: EX-teater, Skala - Mladinska ulična vzgoja


International Festival of New Circus and Contemporary Clown

Organic Juggling meets Dance

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