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18th June 2021, 7.00 PM


Cankarjev dom / Linhartova dvorana



A movement performance


Branko Potočan & Fourklor

In the forefront of the performance entitled It Is Not the Boy Who Has a Cap… (Nima fantič kapice…) by Branko Potočan is the human body, which is the medium for recording our memories, our feelings, and any objects that come our way. The performance tells a story of places and spaces from which we originate, in which we meet, and which we experience together. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The story is told through the performers who repeatedly fall, rise, manipulate with each other, merge and separate, hang between earth and sky, and (un)consciously follow each other.  In doing so, they attempt to transcend boundaries, seemingly or truly, and confront their limitations through various art forms. With their directness, they create a genre conglomerate that allows for a simultaneous observation of the personal and social spheres and an individual interpretation of the role of our body in the ‘new’ social reality. Branko Potočan & Fourklor: “Through us we also speak of the other person. Who is this other person who decides in our place? Everyone owns their head, their thoughts, their body, and brings – through their own particularities and personal microcosm – their differences that someone else persistently tramples on.”

It Is Not the Boy Who Has a Cap…  is a performance that seeks to create new worlds through a dynamic relationship with the outside, even if the context has radically changed.

"It is not the boy who has a cap, but the cap that has the boy,
A breeze storms in – it is not the cap it takes; it takes the boy."

(A riddle by Oton Župančič)


Concept, choreography, and scenography: Branko Potočan
Co-creators and dancers: Anamarija Bagarič, Jana Menger, Tajda Podobnik, Branko Potočan, Tini Rozman, Veronika Valdes
Author and performer of music:  Goran Završnik
Rope artists: Nina Bučuk, Nina Grguraš, Kristina Martinc
Featuring: FPZ Z'borke
Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač
Photography: Drago Videmšek
Light design: Borut Bučinel
Design of printed material: Cankarjev dom
Production: Zavod Vitkar, Cankarjev dom



Fourklor is a physical theatre group founded by Branko Potočan in 1994 when he returned to Slovenia after having danced for three years in the group Ultima Vez with the famous choreographer Wim Vandekeybus. He founded the group together with Jana Menger, Sebastijan Starič, and Dušan Teropšič. Since its beginnings, the group has developed a specific movement language that is special in every one of its performances: either poetic and playful or unstoppably physical and brutal. Throughout their work, the emphasis is on the human body or bodies telling stories and props almost always playing different roles. Potočan and his group have created over 20 eveninglength performances and have received numerous awards: The Golden Bird Award (Zlata ptica) in 1996, the awards for directing at the 1997 INFANT festival in Novi Sad and at the 1998 MESS festival in Sarajevo. In 2007, his performance Rusty Trumpets (Zarjavele trobente) earned him the Audience Award at the Gibanica (Moving Cake) Festival, while his Seeing Through Touch (Skozi oči dotika) won a jury award at the 2011 PUF festival in Pula, Croatia. The group has collaborated with a number of dancers and performers, including Katarina Stegnar, Leja Jurišić, Tina Janežič, Borut Bučinel, Primož Bezjak, BITNAMUUN group and many others. In the last five years, the core of the Fourklor ensemble includes female dancers of the younger generation, who have become its permanent members: Anamarija Bagarič, Tajda Podobnik, Tini Rozman, Veronika Valdes. They also appear in the performance It Is Not the Boy Who Has a Cap… along with the founding members Jana Menger and Branko Potočan.



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