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Asaf Mor (FR):
Nine to Five

June 18 at 20:00 

Ambrožev trg

A clown, juggling and dance solo

A day in the life of an overworked, jaded man, trapped in the office and locked into routine. He juggles his work, doing repetitive and absurd tasks while fighting against boredom and stress. Torn between his desire to free himself and the fear of leaving his current life behind, he tries to find ways to enjoy his work and tests the limits of what little liberty he has left.


Through his obsessions, his rituals, his failures, his frustration, and the little moments of happiness in his day, he experiences the absurdities of a meaningless job in modern working culture.


 “Nine To Five” satirically criticizes modern work culture, conformity and overworking.


Idea and performance: Asaf Mor

Outside Eye: Matthias Romir, Michael Wiame

Production: Circographie

Duration: 45 minutes | Non-speaking | 3+ years


Asaf Mor discovered juggling at the age of 12. He attended Sandciel and Lomme circus schools, focusing on club juggling, inspired by concepts from poi, contact juggling, hip hop, and contemporary dance. Asaf's work is centered on the relationship between the human body and objects – on how they become extensions of the body, and how juggling and dance can influence each other. His acts combine precise manipulations and geometric shapes with fast-paced throws all around his body.

Asaf has performed his acts all over the world, including in the United States, France, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Denmark, Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Hungary, Ukraine, and Poland.

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