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Loco Brusca (ES): Mr. X

June 21 at 20.00

Ambrožev trg

Contemporary clown, physical theatre, mime, and butoh

Creation, direction and performance: Luis Brusca    

Duration: 1 hour


Mr. X is an ordinary man who is imprisoned in his own livelihood, hidden behind an apparently formal wardrobe and not realizing that he is a prisoner of that very formality. 


Today, the lifestyles of fierce capitalism have led us to extreme work situations; both on physical and psychological levels. These environments foster competitiveness, disrespect, hypocrisy, subordination, classism, racism, and various other forms of extremism. Such patterns are meticulously crafted by manipulating authorities, employing tools like sociology, marketing, mass psychology, and the pervasive influence of trash TV, all aimed at controlling the individual.


However, the mounting pressure eventually ignites a revolution from within, compelling Mr. X to cast off his societal armor, severing imposed social ties. It's akin to a cocktail shaker vigorously shaken for an extended duration, culminating in an inevitable explosion, triggering a profound transformation—not merely physical, but also psychic, spiritual, and existential in nature.

Prepare to witness this metamorphosis, for its magnitude will undoubtedly astound you.


Luis Brusca, born in Argentina, attended theatre school in Buenos Aires before later moving to Barcelona, where he studied Film Direction and continued his theatre studies. Since then, he has trained with masters such as Albert Vidal, Elizabeth Couchetief, Johnny Helville, Jango Edwards, John Wright, Stefan Metz, Ernie Martin, Chame Buen Día, Tapa Sudana, Yoshito Ohno, Monika Pagneux, Anne Denis, Atsushi Takenouchi, Jean Daniel Fricker, Imre Thormann, Jan Ferslev (Odin Teatre) and Yoshi Oida. The different techniques, concepts, and exercises he has learned from each of these teachers are visible in his work, influenced by all and yet uniquely his own.

He possesses the ability to captivate the audience; hypnotic, his energy emanates from his movements, and his ideas fill the space, making his performances exotic.

Luis has participated in many festivals around the world, performing in theatres, streets, TV programs, and plays for all kinds of audiences and productions such as Cirque du Soleil (Dralion) in 2006 and the Golden Lions in Japan/China in 2002. Additionally, he teaches the techniques he employs in his performances and, in recent years, has directed circus and theater shows.

He employs simple ideas, based on the actor, his world, resources, and experiences, not relying on technology or costumes. 

He is not just a performer; he is an artist, someone with a message to share.

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