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Marie Vela: TRAPEZE

When: 7TH JUNE, 15:00 - 17:30

Where: CIRKUS FUSKABO (Ob Ljubljanici 36)

Advanced trapeze workshop with an emphasis on balance.

About the teacher:

Marie trained in Circus Arts in different schools, first at Piste d'Azur, then at ACAPA in the Netherlands, where she developed a fixed
trapeze technique and a research on balance. She continued her training at the Lido in Toulouse, which opened many doors to stage exploration.
Curious about everything, she also attended courses in contemporary dance, improvised music, instant composition, mime and puppetry.

Price and applications:

20 € / 15 € (students, self employed artists ...) - in case of applying to both worhshops, Trapez and New magic the price is 60 € / 45 €

Max. no. of participants:  12 persons

Applications until  2nd June on or  +386 31 403 525.

Pleas, shortly write your experiences with aerials.

The workshop is organised in cooperation with Cirkus Fuskabo/ Zavod Salesianum OE Skala


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