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June 22, 19.00

The Old Power Station


Luka Piletič

Luka works out every day, answers emails on time, showers every morning with cold water, eats healthy, separates waste, cleans, cooks; in short, he does everything he can to keep things from spiralling out of control. Everything makes him sick, but there are some things you just have to swallow.

How far do we want to push ourselves to keep things under control? Where is freedom, joy, happiness? If you too feel that you are just a sheepdog, trying to get your desires, instincts, obligations, worries, problems etc. in order on a daily basis, then Luka is your man. A clown who forgot to be funny and a performer who can’t be serious.

This project is based on the participation in the Via Negativa laboratory for contemporary performance arts – VN Lab (2022) and the international project for performance art research – PARL (2022).


The show will be in Slovene.


Author and performer: Luka Piletič
Practical dramaturgy: Uroš Kaurin, Anja Bezlova Završnik

Public relations: Sara Horžen
Producer: Špela Trošt (Via Negativa), Lana Bauman (Moment)
Production: Via Negativa, Moment Maribor

Photo: Marcandrea


Luka Piletič graduated at the international theatre school École Philippe Gaulier (France), focusing on clown art, buffoon and French farce. He works in the field of performance, clown art, as well as improvisational, street and author theatre.

For the performance Klicaj, he and Jan Podbrežnik won the ZIZ Festival's "Performer's choice" award in 2021. In 2020, he won the Best Improviser Award of the Impro League and, as part of the Globus Hystericus collective, the Best Street Performance Award for Road to Tadam.

He obtained his Master's degree at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana, department of Social Pedagogy, with a thesis on the subject of hospital clowns working with the terminally ill, for which he received the Faculty's Prešeren Award. He is a member of the Red Noses association.

Tickets: 10 eur/ 7 eur

(ticket is valid also for the second show: Feed my ego 2)


International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

Under control

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