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10th June 2022, 20:00

Dance Theatre Ljubljana


Calentina Vortese (FR)

Performance is composed like a puzzle, a riddle with several layers, playing with reality’s interferences and cyclic repetitions. Lento is a hybrid form exploring the absurd, the invisible, the subliminal through movement, live music, new circus and magie nouvelle.

Author and performer: Valentina Cortese

Stage technician: Marie Vela

Technical Manager: Rémi Bernard and Paolo Danesi

Set construction: Rémi Bernard

Sound design: Florent Hamon

Lighting design: Hugo Oudin

Costumes: Laurine Baudon, Mylie Maurie and Marnie Langlois

Collaborations: Florent Bergal, Valentine Losseau, Jean-Michel Guy

Production: Baron Production - Juliette Grigy, Margaux Duchêne and Jordan Enard

Photos: Gabi Merz

Duration: 50 min

Tickets: 10 eur/ 7 eur

The event is supported by Teatroskop, a program initiated by French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture, and Institut français Paris


International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

Lento e violento

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