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June 23, 20.00

Circus tent - Ambrožev trg


Zavod Bufeto

Two aging clowns are preparing for a show, but there are unpredictable mishaps and right before the curtain raises, they start reminiscing about the past. Memories abound from early childhood to growing up in difficult conditions; from the beginnings of their common artistic endeavours to the present moment, characterised by the lifelong dream of mastering one’s craft to perfection. So, instead of giving the audience a brilliant performance, they unwillingly portray their life stories, marked by the yearning to one day finally arrive at a place they could call home. Minimalist puppet elements and unusual juggling acts involving everyday objects build poetic images of their memories. What is common to all of them is animation: objects, puppets, bodies, space, sound, light and rhythm all come to life.

The show is built upon common points between puppet theatre, as evolved by Matija Solce, and the tradition of Russian circus kept alive by Natalia and Ravil Sultanov.


Production: Zavod Bufeto, MG Ptuj, Teatro Matita

Direction: Matija Solce
Actors: Natalia Sultanova, Ravil Sultanov

Visual design: Lara Mastnak
Prop design: Lara Mastnak, Matija Solce
Dramaturgy: Mojca Redjko
Assistant for animation: Dennis Katzmann

Cirkovision / Hosting of the CirkoБalkana circus tent is a project by Zavod Bufeto, Ana Monro Theatre, Mismo Nismo collective and Cirkokrog association.

International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

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