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22nd June, 4 PM, Park Tivoli, Ljubljana

23rd June, 5 PM, Grad, Murska Sobota


Andrej Tomše

A chaplinesque character with a hat and a walking cane entertains his audience through numerous gags and effortless juggling, then charms them with some cheeky magic. He does not speak but they understand him. They don’t know him but he looks familiar. The public loves him for who he is, but he can do some pretty impressive stunts as well, climbing his acrobatic ladder and walking on the rope in order to get back his ... Get the Hat is 30 minutes of relaxed physical clowning. Also, it is a a simple story about a man, a problem and a very ingenious way to solve this problem.

Andrej Tomše is a freelance circus artist and actor who works on the crossroads of circus and theatre. He performs on stages of renowned theatres as well as on the streets as a simple busker. He has performed in theatre and street art festivals across Europe. After living in Granada, Spain for 2 years and Berlin, Germany for 5 years, Andrej is currently living in Ljubljana. He is a founding member and an artistic co-director of EX-teater, studio & theatre company. He is fluent in 7 languages and likes to play chess.

Author and performer: ANDREJ TOMŠE

Props & technical help: SANDI MIKLUŽ

Duration: 30 min



Co-organised by: MGLC, Zavod za kulturo, turizem in šport Murska Sobota


International Festival of New Circus and Contemporary Clown

Get the Hat

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