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June 21 to June 23, from 10:00 to 16:.00

Art centre, Komenskega 9, Ljubljana


Clown workshop with Fraser Hooper

Through improvisation, rhythm and play, participants will discover the joys of seriously clowning around in  a practical  workshop that  shows you  how  to  build  material  into comic routines. Topics covered will include working the audience, developing style, directing and object theatre.

During  the course,    students  will work in small groups and on their own devising material that will then be presented to the class.  We will use music, dance, improvisation, props and costumes. I work a lot with breath and rhythm, it's the  backbone to building  funny routines. Students will learn  how to  develop  material  and  explore  the  best  techniques I’ve found  for giving     effective  feedback. It's a safe environment with plenty      of stage time and lots of opportunities to direct each other.


Price: 150 € (concessions 100 €)


Workshop (in English language, with translation if needed) for people with experience in the field of performing arts (theatre, street theatre, clowning, dance, circus etc.) and with an interest in clowning or comical theatre.


Maximum number of participants: 12

Application deadline: Until the maximum amount of participant will be reached / latest until 1st June

Application and information:

The workshop is organised in cooperation with Pionirski dom – Center za kulturo mladih

International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

Fraser Hooper

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