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June 24, 19.00

Circus tent - Ambrožev trg


Cirkorama, Cirkusfera & Un loup pour l’homme

(Croatia, France, Serbia)

Four performers (Danka Sekulović, Hristina Šormaz, Jelena Kalaica, Nemanja Jovanović) and their mentors (Alexandre Frey, Špela Vodeb, Nikola Mijatović) decided to use unfavourable working conditions and circumstances to their advantage, and include them in the creative process rather than to succumb to their shortcomings. This is how the performance “Duel” came to life. Four acrobats face the outcome of the confrontation. At times they play against one another, at times they choose to play together. Observe. Anticipate. React. Countless times, over and over again, but each time differently. Through the challenge, they see the truth and get to know themselves again.

The performance arose due to successful collaboration between renowned French acrobatic collective Un loup pour l’homme, Cirkorama from Zagreb and Cirkusfera from Belgrade in 2019. The project was oriented to contribute to the development of contemporary circus scene and support young artists in the region.

This event is facilitated by Teatroskop, supported by French ministry for European and External Affairs, French Ministry for Culture and Institut français, Paris.

Cirkovision / Hosting of the CirkoБalkana circus tent is a project by Zavod Bufeto, Ana Monro Theatre, Mismo Nismo collective and Cirkokrog association.

International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus


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