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Vitkar: Doors wide shut

June 23 at 20:00

Cankarjev dom

Contemporary dance and circus show

Ticket price: 12 € / 10 €


Vitkar_Drago Videmšek 2.jpg

It goes without saying that social relations in the 21st century have passed the limits of "normality".


The question is whether we can nevertheless make sense of them in a way that allows us to live together and work towards a common goal and, above all, whether we sincerely want to do so? Do we have a sufficiently healthy social core capable of establishing new social foundations? And when, in the face of environmental extremes, "self-protective" behaviour dictates flight in the name of security, this also triggers feelings of loneliness, isolation and helplessness. All these changes dictate limitations and adaptations, pointing to a call for a new order, for self-organisation into modes of coexistence, autonomous zones and communes. The performance Doors wide shut establishes a set of possible proposals and ways of achieving feelings of freedom in the face of various physical constraints of the spaces. In No Exit, the French writer Jean-Paul Sartre establishes the fundamental premise that we are hell-bent on mistreating each other. The performance itself offers an example of a post-apocalyptic interior and exterior off-stage, inhabited and cohabited by fellow human beings, disconnected from the outside world. In doing so, they seemingly and actually test the crossing of boundaries and confront limitations through different artistic forms. With their immediacy, they create a genre conglomerate that allows for parallel readings of the personal and the social, and original interpretation of the role of the body in the "new" social reality.


Idea and choreography: Branko Potočan

Co-creation and dance: Anamaria Bagarić, Branko Potočan, Jana Menger, Tajda Podobnik, Tini Rozman, Veronika Valdés

Music composition and performance: Goran Završnik

Sound design: Braž Flerin

Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač

Lighting design: Gregor Kuhar

Photography: Drago Videmšek

Video: Petra Hrovatin 

Executive Producer: Mojca Ulaga

Production: Vitkar Institute



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