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Godot, Institute for Culture (SI): Evolution 

June 17, 9:30, Grand stage

Acrobatic theatre 

Age Recommendation: 5+


At first, there was nothing. Emptiness, darkness, vacuum. But then one day – poof, and the Earth started spinning. Life started evolving on this merry-go-round, and eventually humans hopped on it, too. How? Where from? And from which ancestor? How have humans come from swinging on tree branches to walking on the Moon? How did they evolve, change, where are they now? 


The festivity of humanity gives rise to the circus on stage. Actor Tadej Pišek and acrobatic duo Mojca Špik and Inan du Swami take us on a journey through seven million years of human evolution. They sprinkle it with circus acts, acrobatics, dancing, and all sorts of sketch comedy.

It's a variety show!


Based on story by Tadej Pišek, music by the acclaimed conductor Marjan Peternel.

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