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When: 7TH JUNE, 18:00 - 21:00 & 8TH JUNE 17:00 - 20:00


Workshop on theatrical presence : notions of new magic and exchanges around the magic universe of the show. A theoretical part in the form of an oral exchange: sharing of magical costume effects / writing logic / creation process...
Practical part: simple listening and theatrical presence exercises, under the concept of "Less is more". (No material needed)


About the teacher:

Dancer with circus tendencies, Valentina trained in France and Italy. After the CRR of Boulogne and the RIDC, she gets closer to the world of Circus which fascinates her so much in 2014, within the school of contemporary Circus FLIC.
She then worked for Petr Formann, Milan Heirich, Roberto Magro and collaborated with the Magdaclan Circus. In 2016 she founded her circus collective Terzo Livello. She follows workshops with artists she admires such as Peeping Tom, Baro d'Evel, Cristiana Morganti (Tanztheatre Pina Bausch), Ambra Senatore, Yoann Bourgeois, Un loup pour l'homme, Lali Ayguadé, Adriana Boriello (Rosas)... Thanks to these experiences, she has been teaching a creative laboratory since 2016 in Circus schools in Italy and France. In 2018 she enters the 3rd year of the Lido, Centre des Arts du Cirque, where she finds a space of freedom that allows her to refine a personal approach to the new circus, she is interested in minority practices, and any form of movement and theatricality that has no name.

Price and applications:

50 € / 40 € (students, self employed artists ...) - in case of applying to both worhshops, Trapez and New magic the price is 60 € / 45 €

Max. no. of participants: 15

Applications until  2nd June on or  +386 31 403 525.

Pleas, shortly write your performative experiences.

The workshop is organised in cooperation with Cirkus Fuskabo/ Zavod Salesianum OE Skala


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