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14th June 2022, 20:30

Old Power Station


Cirk Pozor (CRO)

 Film inspired by the life of the famous American clown Emmett Kelly, based on his autobiographical book "My life in tatters and smiles". He was remembered as a clown misfit with a sad face who was a mirror for thousands of poor, rejected people of similar destinies who looked at him and felt that they were not alone.


Length: 13 minutes


Directed by: Marin Nekić

Writer: Nikolina Majdak

Producers: Marin Nekić,  Nikolina Majdak, Cirk Pozor 2022

Starring: Nikolina Majdak

Voice-over: Dražen Šivak


After the film: Discussion with Nikolina Majdak, author of the show Obligation and film Emmet.

International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

  • Klovnbuf
  • Klovnbuf
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