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June 9 at 21:30

Under the Fabiani bridge – in front of the Cukrarna Gallery, Poljanski nasip 40

Maria Palma Company (ES): The Submerged Voice

Contemporary circus and contemporary dance meet an unexpected element: water 



June 17 from 9:30 to 22:00

Kongresni trg and Zvezda park

The June in Ljubljana festival and Klovnbuf present: CIRCUS MONDAY


9:30, Grand stage

Godot, Institute for Culture (SI): Evolution 

Acrobatic theatre 

Age Recommendation: 5+



10:15, Zvezda park

Zlata ptica (SI, RU): The Dragon Who Wanted to Know Why 

A medieval legend with troubadours, masks, puppets and Kamishibai

Recommended ages: 3+



11:00 – 13:00, Zvezda park

Zavod Bufeto and Circus Fuskabo (SI): Circus Workshop 

Age Recommendation: 5+


Quick-fire Circus Shows:


Ana Lekše (SI, BE): Klopka Sklopka 

A dancing etude on vertical rope 

Age recommendation: 5+



Gorghi and Cipolla (SI): Light skips

A juggling routine for four hands

Age Recommendation:  0+



15:30 – 17:00, Zvezda park


The Smiling City

Clown shows and circus workshops for families


Performances by domestic and foreign authors, plus interventions by the astonishing citizens of The Smiling City. Circus workshops organised by Cirkus Fuskabo.


17.00, Zvezda park

KUD Ljud (SI): Man from the Moon – Landing

(Not really) solo performance


17:30, Zvezda park


Rauxa (ES): The Strambotik Cabaret

Circus-puppet show for family audience



19:00, Zvezda park 

Rummi-Crew (SI, IT, USA): Fact or Fiction?

Contemporary circus show - premiere



21:00, Grand stage

Cirkus Fuskabo (SI): Circo-mage's flute 

Circus show for the young

Age Recommendation: 8+


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