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June 12, 9.30 - 22.00

Congress Square and Park Zvezda



9:30: Zavod Bufeto: Equilibrium

Grand stage, Kongresni trg

Circus show, children 3+


The theatrical circus spectacle Equilibrium will give children an opportunity to learn the concept of balance and ways of maintaining it. An object in balance is said to be in a resting state, characterized by forces acting upon it cancelling each other out. Ever since mankind started walking upright, it has sought to balance itself on two feet. So, how do we do it? Equilibrium tells a scientific tale through the language of magic. Angles of incidence and reflection, centres of gravity, forces, points of pressure … all this and more is explained through vibrant movement, which strikes a perfect balance between Science and Art.

Together we will walk the tightrope of surprises and explore everything from balance in physics, to what it takes to achieve social balance. With a little help from the acrobats, you will even be able to experience the sensation of being in balance first-hand.


10:15: Hungrygry

Park Zvezda

Theatre, children 6+


Hungrygry is an experimental show for children portraying the world through the eyes of garbage.


Author and visual artist: Katarina Zalar
Actors: Anja Bezlova, Nika Gabrovšek, Jurij Torkar

Adviser for direction and dramaturgy: Justin Durel
Assistant for visual design and scenery: Petra Gosenca

11:00 – 13:30: Circus workshops

Park Zvezda

Workshop for children 5+


Aerial acrobatics, balance and circus workshops.

Mentors: Kreativni pogon (Serbia), Cirkus Fuskabo


11:15 – 12:30: Trash-eating Hats

Park Zvezda

Workshop for children aged 6 and above. Younger children must be accompanied by an adult.


We will breathe new life into old textile, plastics and other waste materials to create circus hats. The workshop is a side production of the Hungrygry show, made in cooperation with GUMB, society for creative thinking.


16:00 – 17.30: Tightrope & circus workshops

Park Zvezda

Workshops for families


Tightrope, aerial acrobatics, balance and circus workshops.

Mentors: Kreativni pogon – Circus School Cirkoneo, organisation for culture, education and inclusion from Novi Sad, Serbia.


More at:



17:30: HappyHandstandFreak: And The Rest (Germany)

Park Zvezda

Solo acrobatic show for all generations


Playful solo acrobatic performance combines hand-stand artistry, hand-stand supports and physical theatre. From the unique and new research of many different height handstand supports with
surprises, combined with very high handstand technique, never-before-seen shapes and
images will be performed to explore how to deal with defeat and achieve more than you could
ever imagine.


Kira Rabenstein (part of HappyHandstandFreak duo) is a young circus artist from Germany specialised as a high-level hand balancer, flier of partner acrobatics and aerialist. She graduated from Circus Arts in Codarts Art School (Rotterdam, the Netherlands).




18:00: H+H Company: Bouratina (France)

Park Zvezda

A show for families and children 8+


Nata has built an articulated dummy in her workshop. Beneath her female envelope of foam, her metal skeleton is well oiled, her heart well irrigated. She named her Bouratina. Together, they explore a new field of possibilities, trying out contortions and positions unlikely for ordinary mortals to achieve. But Bouratina is not the kind of robot to be guided, it's not just humans who have character!

The show combines circus, theatre and puppet animation.




H+H Company:

Nata Galkina, circus artist – antipodist (foot juggler), trained at circus schools from Lido in France to academies in Moscow and Kiev. Since 2001 she has been performing at various venues, mainly in Germany and France.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Toulouse, Hugo Oudin focused mainly on light and sound design. He has been active in this field for more than 20 years and has worked with a wide variety of groups and individuals (operas, circuses, contemporary performance practices, etc.).


19:30: Tjaša Dobravec and Luca Moreira Paties: Somewhere in Between (Slovenia, Italy)

Park Zvezda

Circus performance on Chinese pole, for families


Somewhere in Between is a show about fragmented feelings that demand answers. It is a show about two bodies attracted to each other by their differences. Their dichotomy leads to an exploration of extreme vulnerability and strength.


Tjaša Dobravec is a professional circus performer who graduated in contemporary circus at INAC, Portugal. She specialises in various disciplines such as aerial silk, Chinese pole, flying pole etc. In 2020, she performed at the prestigious Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris and won two awards. In 2022 she became the first Slovenian artist to ever perform a leading role in Cirque du Soleil with a show titled Muv. Tjaša is highly experienced in the world of circus, renowned for remarkable expressiveness, creativity and professionalism.

Luca is an Italian-Brazilian artist who also graduated at INAC. He specialises in Chinese pole, Acrobatics in pairs, floor acrobatics and hand standing. He performs all over Europe, realizing his dreams and spreading important messages.


Video link :


21:00: Circus Fuskabo: Platform of Miracles

Grand stage, Kongresni trg

Youth circus show for all generations


Platform of Miracles is a simple story about the passage of time, loneliness, love, reunions and the search for what has been lost. It brings together nearly 30 young persons who share one vision: to create a show which will captivate the audience and transport them to another world.


Direction: Zef Berišaj
Scenography: Pia Povšič and Dimitrij Zekić

Performers: Tamia Šeme, Petra Tomazin, Lara Migletti, Dimitrij Zekić, Ahmed Kullab, Masa Rački, Alja G. Zickero, Matjaž Pezdic and young members of Circus Fuskabo.


Circus Fuskabo is a non-profit project of the Zavod Salesianum OE Skala NGO, which primarily focuses on social youth circus.

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