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13th June 2022, 10:00 - 19:00

Congress Square and Park Zvezda


Festival JUNIJ V LJUBLJANI  & KLOVNBUF join forces

You, all of you are kindly invited to put down your phones no later than on a Monday and come see a circus show or even test your own circus skills. Find that balance, both literally and metaphorically and have a chat with your friends whilst juggling.Circus Monday is a day when everyone can choose the role. they will enjoy most.

10am - Divertisment – concert, a circus show 3+

Presentations of Slovenian circus artists and clowning troupes (Cirkokrog, Mismo Nismo, Misija Šotor!, Mariia Filimonenko…)


11am – 1:30pm – Cyr wheel, Andrea Brunetto (Madame Rebiné, Italy), workshop 14+

Workshop facilitator Andrea is a graduate of circus schools Flic (Torino, IT) and Le Lido (Toulouse, FR) and currently works as acrobat, dancer and juggler


4pm – Les Colporteurs: Méandres (FR), a circus show for family audiences

A monumental structure, constructed from vertical and horizontal elements serves simultaneously as a musical instrument and a circus device. A tght-rope artist and an acrobat on a Chinese pole take us to their inner world.

More about the group

This event is supported by Teatroskop, supported by French ministry for European and External Affairs, French Ministry for Culture and Institut français, Paris.


5pm–  Cirkus Fuskabo: Good night, a performance by youth circus

Young students of Circus School have created a show about the path into the world of dreams and what can be found there when we have been touched by circus. 


6pm – Madame Rebiné: Clown’s revenge (IT), a circus show for family audiences

This is a story about an old clown who has spent nine years in misery, disappointment and banana peels. Now in a disability pushchair, he returns to the stage to take part in a cabaret and triumph on stage once again. The show, searching for light and laughter, merges clowning, acrobatics and juggling.

More about the group

International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

Circus Monday

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