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14th June 2021, 11.00 AM


Congress Square

a circle in a square town

A Children’s narrative performance for two clowns, a kalimba, and the audience


Anja Bezlova and Alenka Marinič (KUD Globus Hystericus) (SLO)

In A Circle in a Square Town (Krog v kvadratnem mestu), Rose and Marjeta Cveta tell the story of a square town full of squares and square people, where everything is in square order until one morning something incredible happens. What in the world could that be? Come and listen to the twist in the square tale.

Authors: Anja Bezlova, Justin Durel and Alenka Marinič
Performers: Anja Bezlova and Alenka Marinič
Director: Justin Durel
Production: KUD Globus Hystericus


Duration: 30 minutes


  • Klovnbuf
  • Klovnbuf
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