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14th June 2021, 7.00 PM


Congress Square

butcher's axe

Cabaret, music, and object theatre


Teatro Matita (SLO)

The performance Butcher’s Axe (Mesarica), which combines object theatre, music, and cabaret, is based on the motifs from the story of Martin Krpan by Fran Levstik. It takes place on a converted fire truck and within the framework of the event Grajski Punkt. The author and director of the extraordinary creative repertoire in puppetry, Matija Solce has promised that there will be booze. And laughter, of course!   


Director: Matija Solce
Actors: Filip Šebšajevič, Miha Arh, Miha Razdrih, Tines Špik, Matija Solce
Set design: Larisa Kazič
Puppets: Brane Solce in Sanja Fidler
Production: KD MATITA 2021


  • Klovnbuf
  • Klovnbuf
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