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21st June, 8 PM, Old Power Station, Ljubljana


Branko Potočan & duo Silence

Melancholy as an image of levitation set to music


The performance is based on the poem Melancholic Thoughts by Dragotin Kette; He passed through a forest, a dark forest – his heart filled with sadness and grief. He asked a luxuriant tree: »Do you have any friends, tell me!« The tree replied: »I do, I do, as much as I have leaves of green. When I rejoice, they too rejoice, when I am sad, they are as well!« And he said: »Look at me, as alone as I can be… I hoped you would be friends with me!« The tree rustled, lowered itself and approached him … It took him to itself, he is alone no more … He’s hanging from the branch outdoor.


Through the lyrical symbiosis of music, movement and singing, and through the symbolism of rope, the author of Black Friday builds metaphysical images in the air, which are bringing the levitation of salvation and a surrealistic view from above, onto a small man and onto the troubles he wants to get rid of.


Created and performed by: BRANKO POTOČAN


Authors and performers: PRIMOŽ HLADNIK & BORIS BENKO


Production: ZAVOD VITKAR


The project is financially supported by the City of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia


Duration: 40 min

Tickets: 7 € / 5 € (students, seniors, self-employed cultural workers)

Tickets pack: 24 € (valid for all festival shows)


Info & reservations:, 051 269 906


International Festival of New Circus and Contemporary Clown

Black Friday

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