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June 19, 21.00

Španski borci Cultural Centre


Danijela Zajc

My friend, look! Like letters in your hand, like

sleep, that dream, I watch you through the opening.


In the first dream - sleeping eyelids, centuries

after - I watch through premonitions, oracles


of the light-world. On these borders - time's

extremities - I am a light-world's eye.


And after? A dream

exists: in tones and shades.

There was - climbing.

There was - bowing


forehead to forehead.

Ahead - your forehead,

brow - a flagrant half-rhyme

in my mouth.


Marina Tsvetaeva: Attempt at a Room (Translation: Tony Brinkley)

Contemporary circus piece inspired by life and poetry of the controversial Russian poet and writer Marina Tsvetaeva. Performer Danijela Zajc tries to actualize Tsvetaeva’s hard life burdened with war times, migrations and great poverty. The performance tries to show emotions, facts, acts, stories, poetry and tragedy through elements carried out on a vertical rope, vertical dance, poetry and performance.


Concept: Danijela Zajc

Choreography, performance: Danijela Zajc, Branko Potočan

Idea: Natalia Sultanova, Ravil Sultanov

Direction consultations: Ravil Sultanov

Music: Davor Hrecog, Sašo Kalan

Costume design: Katarina Zalar

Scenery design: Nevena Aleksovski

Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač

Light design: Žan Rantaša

Translation to Slovene (part of the poem by Arseny Tarkovsky): Borut Kraševec

Technical support: Maja Pahor
Thanks to: Jaka Andrej Vojevec, Maja Babič Košir

Production: Matafir

Co-production: Festival Klovnbuf (Zavod Bufeto)

Executive producer: Danijela Zajc

Partners: The old power station – Bunker, Pionirski teater

This project was supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana’s Department for Culture and the Slovenian Ministry of Culture

Tickets: 10 eur/ 7 eur


International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

Attempt at the Room

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