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June 6th, 15:00–18:00

Cirkus Fuskabo, Ob Ljubljanici 36, Ljubljana

The workshop is free; voluntary contributions are welcome.

APPLICATIONS: Limited spots available. Mandatory registration at

The aim of this workshop is to share the knowledge of partner acrobatics with beginners and intermediates. We'll move from floor basic static figures to more dynamic movements, all using body awareness and trust in the couple/partners. In a more creative part of the workshop we will focus on basic stage elements such as space, communication with the group or rhythm.


  • Learn the basics of acrobatic techniques

  • Learn static and dynamic exercises

  • Develop confidence in the couple/partners

  • Understanding body dynamics and balance

  • Define and separate the work of the flyer and the base

  • Know the basic safety techniques

  • Harmonise the work of base and flyer to facilitate the execution of movements

  • Develop strength and flexibility

  • Equip students with the skills necessary for independent development

  • Encourage creativity and the search for the movement itself

  • Develop their own routines in a creative and personal way


  • Warm-up: Learn to warm up specific parts of the body, as well as the different needs of the base and the flyer

  • Strengthening (physical preparation and blockages)

  • Trust with the partner

  • Balance - hand to hand

  • Post-exercise stretching to prevent stiffness, pain, enhance flexibility, and reduce muscle tension following intense activity

  • Klovnbuf
  • Klovnbuf
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