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International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus

About Zavod Bufeto

Zavod Bufeto was the first professional association in Slovenia to introduce and develop the theatre of clown - a synthesis of clowning, circus skills and acting. Merging the circus traditions on one hand and dramaturgical principles on the other hand, they question the boundaries of classical theatre as well as those of a typical circus show. They produce their own pieces and do collaborations with many renowned artists from Slovenia and abroad. Zavod Bufeto has thus far left its mark as a team of people which continues to produce fresh and an original stage work. Zavod Bufeto's founders and core members are

Nataša and Ravil Sultanov. They also organise the International festival of circus and theatre Klovnbuf and run their own educational programme, offering courses and symposiums led by internationally renowned teachers.

About Klovnbuf

Klovnbuf is a festival of laughter, which is to be taken seriously as it brings together dramatic and circus arts and artists. The aim of the festival is to allow Slovenian audiences to encounter the most up-to-date trends

and watch the most interesting shows of contemporary circus from all over Europe. Furthermore, the festival provides space, time and purpose to creatives and producers to network, research and collectively discover new creative approaches in this continuously developing art form. Klovnbuf offers a variety of shows for general audiences of all ages. We put on masterclasses and courses for those who have a creative interest in the contemporary circus. Expert (and general) audience members are welcome to join our round table discussions, whilst creatives and producers can use the festival as a platform to present their own work and mingle with other contemporary circus makers.

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